Application of thermal microcautery in migraine management

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Application of thermal microcautery in migraine management

Eleni Papageorgiou1 | Konstantine Kovas1 | Camillus Power2 | Nikolaos Kostopoulos3

  1. Dept. of Neurology, General Hospital of Athens, G. Gennimatas, Greece.
  2. Dept. of Pain Medicine, Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.
  3. Holistic Health Centre, Athens, Greece.


Thermal microcautery is a novel minimally invasive intervention for migraine. We present a case series of twenty-one patients who underwent this technique. Nineteen patients reported improvement in migraine management. Of these four patients went on to complete remission and a further eleven patients reported over 50% improvement. In addition, the majority of patients noted reductions in intensity and duration of headache with a better response to medication. The efficacy of thermal microcautery generates a new hypothesis that attempts to explain how a neuromodulation technique may be helpful in the management of migraine.

Keywords: Thermal microcautery; Migraine; Neuromodulation.

Headache Medicine 2019, volume 10 issue 4, p 182-185

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